Monday, August 27, 2007

why, you ask?

why have i not posted in what feels like a cyber-millenium? i've been busy would be an understatement. i've been moving, heaving, hauling, cramming, squeezing, sneezing (new animal allergies) and panic-attacking my way to a new apartment. i'm trying my best (and pretty much failing miserably) to cram an apartment's worth of furniture into an already furnished place. 5 rooms of stuff needs to be crammed into empty room and 3 full ones. my legs are covered hip to ankle with bruises, and the (formerly) well-manicured lawn behind my place now has foot-deep ruts marring its expanse due to a minivan-stuck-in-the-mud disaster. my paycheck will likely be demolished as well once the complex owners discover them. the maintenance crew put new tile in the bathroom, but destroyed the cabinets, removed everything, replaced nothing and left black gunk in both the sink and bathtub. my new roommate is out of town for a few days, and has yet to see the disaster that is her place, thank gods, else she'd be freaking out more than yours truly. at least i'm totally and completely out of my old apt. i have no money, but have to find a way to construct floor-to-ceiling shelving in order to make more room. it's no secret that i'm less than handy, so if anyone has extra tips on how to build them, or how to make tons of extra space and save a ton of cash, please let me know!! if i only had an extra studio to make all of my stuff fit...*sigh*

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