Thursday, November 1, 2007

true outlaws

last night, i went out to see the gepetto files, countercosby (that did an uncanny tribute to black sabbath), and astro-zombies (a misfits cover band) ~ all were a blast, especially the gepetto files. my friend ted creates these phenomenal puppets that will blow your mind!

anyway, at about 3am, my roommate and friend
insisted that i see this video of two of my favorite outlaws, waylon jennings and willie nelson. so i figured i'd share, being that today i'm a little foggy and bleary-eyed from last night's festivites, and kinda cranky from being forced to explain that i was laura palmer (from twin peaks) to drunken kids that had never seen the series (i mean, come on, people!)

anyway, i hope it brings y'all as big a smile as it did me:

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