Monday, June 18, 2007

thanks for the warning, CWA...

this will probably pass in AL. thank goodness they want it an elective. but why does it need to be placed as some sort of state-certified course in public schooling? i just don't understand how people seem not to get the basic premise of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

thomas jefferson is credited with being the first person to coin the phrase. and, interestingly enough, the concerned women for america (don't you LOVE how these conservative groups seem to imbue their activist groups with such desperately self-important sounding titles?) drop jefferson as one of their solid reasons for approval of teaching the bible in the public education system. how odd...

if you want your children to be taught your religion, keep it in the church, the home, take your children to a private school or teach them at home. don't force your beliefs onto others, please.

reminds me of that old bumper sticker that still makes me smile: lord, save me from your followers.

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