Tuesday, July 3, 2007

let's get this out there!

i was having a less than awesome day when i stumbled across this article at in these times discussing No!, a documentary on rape in the african-american community. i definitely missed the boat, and haven't seen it. has anyone else? it was apparently screened in detroit last week at the allied media conference. i'm really excited about it, and i'd love to order it and set up a small screening in this area? anyone interested, or know where i could get a copy? i know you can order it here. but i'm wondering if any friends know of copies at either eastern michigan university or university of michigan? i'll update if/when i get find or order it.


Femigog said...

I cant believe that I have never seen nor heard tell of this before now. Thanks!

And if I may be completely out of line, I want to say/type that your blog reminds me of a woman I used to be terribly and likely unhealthily (is that a word?) interested in. Strange. But this blog reminds of her. She was like this, somehow. I dont know. strange indeed.
great blog and I shall add you to my roll as well.

assembling words to armory, she waits... said...

aww... you've just made me blush.