Wednesday, September 26, 2007

female underwear is vulgar... everyone should go commando in china!

This little news bite is simply DARLING. Hot on the heels of censoring idol-style reality shows for apparently giving youth "negative role models" (lmao!), chinese government has now decided to ban what they deem 'vulgar' ads. Their idea of vulgar includes breast enhancement and female underwear commercials. Because everyone knows those hanes her way ads are just for filthy, filthy whores. (just typing that makes me wanna watch one right now! i just might likes me some cotton brief wearing whores, heh heh heh) Interesting how there's no mention of men's underwear ads. Although their is a vague statement about the ban of 'sex-related health supplements' which to me screams 'viagra, ' but they don't specify gender there, of course.

Sarft [State Administration of Radio, Film and Television] said that adverts featuring suggestive language or scantily-clad women were "detrimental to society", Xinhua news agency reported.

if scantily clad women are a detriment, i don't wanna be an aid.
Guess those fruit of the loom guys can still get me hot, but forget those slutty trashy idol singers... they're BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD.

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