Thursday, September 20, 2007

lesbian pirates... for a change?!?

in honor of international talk like a pirate day (huzzah!), i figured i'd join in the spirit and link to a few articles celebrating the (constestably sexual) relationship between anne bonny and mary read.

two of the most famous pirates in history, they fight, fought and fucked like pirates, alternately dressing as men and women, and pleading whichever gender suited them to the particular moment. how very androgynous of them. hot.

there is much speculation as to whether or not the relationship was actual, implied, or invented, mostly hotly debated by 35 year old male history geeks that still live in their mom's basements and eat cap'n crunch for dinner in their bathrobes.

this one believes the relationship to be actual, and this article opposes it.

as for me, especially the beer swilling, swash-buckling, eye-patch wearing, homosexual leaning types. Ahoy!

in addition, let me just add that it's hella annoying how trendy pirates are right now. i've pretty much been a pirate since before i was caught taking my little brother's eyepatches at the age of 6. (he had sight issues, okay? and he kept flushing his patches down the toilet ~ i was doing him and our plumbing a favor by taking them off his hands!)

bloody XOXO in love and thievery

Victoria Violence, Corsair Extraordinaire


Roy said...

Where's your freakin' flag?!

-Captain RFM the 3rd and His Crew of Merry, But Dangerous, Privateers

assembling words to armory, she waits... said...

captain roy et al: send me a gif, and away it will fly!

ps my little pirate men still guard the treasure chest on my dresser...